Field of application:

This machine has been primarily developed for a super fast machining of complex, thin and long parts, but it is also suitable for the production of short parts usually produced with revolver head lathes.

Versatile machining possibilities:

for complex workpieces: 18 (standard)+2(auxiliary) tool holders, 12 of which can be driven;
the 5 driven tools allocated in lateral direction can be moved in transversal or vertical direction;
main spindle can be positioned with infinite control (for each axis), in 15° pitch in basic configuration, and a counter spindle that can be positioned in an optimum manner as a C-shaft.

Driven tools:

Mounting locations for 4 driven tools are available on the cross-slide (x) of the machine in standard configuration.
It can be reconfigured if necessary to receive two driven tools and four opposite driven tools.
With the driving tools it is possible drill an tap in crosswise direction, as well as to mill, including grooves, and to perform operation off centre of the workpieces – by shifting the “x” axis.
The driven tool may be attached in the 5 tool positions located next to the main spindle also for machining the rear side.

Simultaneous drilling:

The special world leading features of the STAR SR machines allow the execution of various longitudinal operations simultaneously. The main machining time can be shortened by simultaneously carrying out operation on the first and second workpiece, such as centering, drilling, reaming or tapping. The machining parameters, including speed, feed and drilling can be independently adjusted for the simultaneous operations.


Main spindle:
Max. bar diameter/spindle bore: 20 mm
Max. speed range: 500-10.00 r.p.m.
Max. machining length: 195 mm