Rapid-95 Ltd started its operation in January 1995.
The company is fully in private ownership. The two owners manage the company.
Our main activity is the production of large series of precision metal parts by means of machining belonging to statistical category TEOÁR 2852 “Machining of metal”. 90 % of the products have been delivered to customers in the European Union for many years.

Based on a long experience in the manufacture of large series of parts we are ready to perform the following jobs:
- Production of many different kinds of parts made of copper, rapid steel, aluminium, etc. according to the requirements of the customers based on drawings or samples.
- For having a look at the presently produced parts CLICK HERE.
- With a centreless grinding machine we can perform grinding of parts with plunge or through-feed processes as required.

Tool making: An optical profile grinder machine model KO-160-24 is available, which is used for preparing the shaped cutters necessary for the machining of complicated parts.